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Public Sector Security Services

Lodge is a well-established security company that understands what it takes to provide bespoke security solutions to a range of clients including the public sector.

Our ability to provide bespoke security services is one of our main assets. Customizing your security requirements will allow you to operate more efficiently, save money, and boost productivity while assuring the safety of your most valuable assets. Lodge can supply security personnel or a complete security solution, including daily patrols by highly trained professionals, processes, and alternative access control solutions. We have a wide range of professional security officers and technology to meet the needs of any size company.

Lodge customises our services to meet your specific requirements, from guaranteeing a safe and secure workplace to preventing theft and loss. Having experienced workers on-site at all times or during risk hours acts as a deterrent, reducing any possible damage or injuries that may occur as a result of theft or malicious behaviour.

Customised security solutions for the public sector

Lodge is a security company that serves both the public and private sectors. We offer the widest range of security offerings at competitive rates with an exceptional level of service, from front of house, security static guarding or mobile patrols to technological solutions.

Our team has extensive experience providing services that protect individuals and their property, regardless of who or what they are.