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Manned Guarding

A wealth of experts and experience

Lodge Security corporate offer all the benefits and agility of a medium size bespoke, London centric security organisation combined with the enormous strength and backing of a group business that provides end to end security requirements for the end user.

The wider Lodge Service group has a wealth of experts and experience that can bring value to your business requirements, particularly in terms of our training, learning & development, innovation and wider industry awareness underpinned with our intelligence centre.

Partnership approach

At Lodge Service, we recognise that each individual contract has its own unique challenges based on an intelligence driven review of every element of the service delivery and the clients requirements.

In house teams & coverage

Provide our own dedicated, experienced, fully licensed and quality personnel to manage the security, minimise the risk to your staff, visitors & buildings, and to provide a safe and friendly experience when visiting these locations.

Performance focus

Using our team, clients are able to better protect their critical assets, generate growth, reduce costs whilst delivering an enhanced, safer service to their customers

Client lead management

Our dedicated management team will engage and collaborate seamlessly with your own teams to ensure an integrated, efficient and cost effective service delivery model