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Lodge Intelligence

Lodge Intelligence

Our Lodgic Security Control Room is 100% dedicated to our customers security needs. That’s why we offer; round-the-clock monitoring for every site, system, security guard and individual in our charge.

The LodgIC Live platform provides actionable insight through incident reporting, data collation, intelligence gathering and analysis; and streamlines operational management by optimising decision making, reducing response times and significantly improving communications to better protect people, assets and locations.


Client Area

Our clients have the option to have their very own account area on the LodgIC Live platform where they have all of their contract performance information at their fingertips.


Security & Crime

Risks & Threats

Property Services

Through our intelligent central monitoring, control and planning of the widest range of security and property services, The Lodgic security control room enhances asset protection and reduces cost and risk for greater return on investment.