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Construction Security

Contstruction Security Services

With the construction industry expanding at a rapid pace, site security is more critical than ever. Security precautions can no longer be an afterthought with more people and equipment on site and growing competition between builders and contractors. It’s never too late to take precautionary actions to protect people and equipment from potential loss and damage, even if the company has already experienced previous incidents.

Lodge customises our services to meet your specific requirements, from guaranteeing a safe and secure workplace to preventing theft and loss. Having experienced workers on-site at all times or during risk hours acts as a deterrent, reducing any possible damage or injuries that may occur as a result of theft or malicious behaviour.

Construction site security: keeping them safe while they work

When it comes to construction sites, safety must always take precedence. Hire a professional security company with decades of expertise handling construction site security to keep both personnel and property safe. We can help ensure that everyone is aware of their surroundings at all times and that nothing is stolen or destroyed by using our high-quality services. Look no further than our skilled team if you’re looking for a smart approach to manage your security requirements!

Construction site mobile security patrols

Lodge also offer a professional mobile security patrol service providing construction site security and mobile patrol services to building sites, offices, factories and other areas. We provide various security services for both public and private organizations throughout the UK. 

Using our fleet of vehicles, which are monitored by our 24/7 control centre, our highly trained and experienced team can provide an effective building site security service. They can also provide internal and external foot patrols to prevent theft, vandalism, and violence on your property. Our officers will be able to patrol your worksite at any time of day or night, ensuring that you and your staff are safe and your machinery is secure, reducing work time lost on repairing or replacing equipment.