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CCTV Monitoring

Enabling rapid response to signals and incidents…

The Group has a dedicated approved Alarm Receiving Centre serving our portfolio of clients and 3rd party installers. This is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art control centre receiving signals from a variety of signalling methods and systems.

It was developed to enable a rapid response to signals and incidents as part of a complete security management service. With remote management of your CCTV, access control, temperature and detection alarm systems, you can be sure that your assets are being monitored at all times.

All alarm activations can be quickly validated and the appropriate response implemented. The centre is staffed by fully licensed operators who have been trained to the relevant standards and are audited annually. In the event of an incident, they are well-equipped to escalate actions with the primary services and keyholders ensuring the security of your property, 24 hours a day.


Monitoring of any location, at any time…

The Group’s remote monitoring centre combines the latest electronic surveillance technologies with the added benefit of rapid mobile response capabilities.

The centre is fully enabled for remote monitoring of any location, at any time. This ensures that CCTV images, access control information, audio files and any type of digital data or alert can be transmitted live over a secure network to our operators.

So, whether you have traditional equipment or the latest digital systems, we can easily set up and support remote monitoring for any type of security infrastructure.

Best Alarm Monitoring Company

Guardhall is a renowned remote monitoring company with a dedicated alarming centre that assists commercial and residential spaces in the UK. With decades of industry experience, our remote monitoring solutions enable us to provide a quick response in case of mishaps.

Guardhall provides you 98.99% protection against fire, theft or any kind of damage. Whether you’re around your property or somewhere else, our smart alarming systems will monitor the situation and call on the emergency number for assistance.